The only war I would take part of would have to be the war of the art

936901_554229157960548_537464108_nArt doesn’t ruin worlds or lives. Art can imagine a conflict and put it on a canvas, in writing or in music and the only way it can touch you is just through feelings. It can touch your heart without actually touching it. It can bring problems out to the public, it can fix them or amplify them, but it will never leave actual victims. Art can feed your soul with information through images, words and sound. You can grow up as an adult by developing your sight, your voice, your hear, your ideas about life and everything. Art is about evolution.

You can cultivate world’s values through art, you can add some new ones by being an artist, because in the end we all are artists. We all see, talk, hear, sing. So we might as well fight for art. Fight to open peoples minds and souls. You don’t even need to have talent, because in the end talent doesn’t really exist, since we all see, talk, hear, read, sing, paint etc. Talent is just an illusion to make people not feel like artists, to keep them not to create. Anyone can make art. Because art is at your disposal. You don’t have to paint, sing or write beautiful, since beauty doesn’t exist. It was just invented by the society, as well as ugliness. So, fight to open people minds about life through art, not war.


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