Passion for art, design, illustration….and to say in just one word: Nineveh

Nune Nineveh Khachatryan is from Yerevan, Armenia and has a great passion for art and ilustration. „The only thing I can say is that I enjoy working with soft forms and playing with colours. I believe that these two perfectly describe my style” – Nune Nineveh Khachatryan


The story

„I have started drawing since my childhood. I graduated from the Hakob Kojoyan Educational Complex, where I deepened my passion towards art. Later on, I chose to major in Design and simultaneously became the student of TUMO. Having had experience in different fields of art, I made up my mind to specialize in digital art/concept art. That was especially due to Liz Artinyan and Arnab Chaudurin’s wokshops that I came to that conclusion” – Nune Nineveh Khachatryan


As Nune Nineveh Khachatryan says, anyhing can be a source of inspiration, „but the greatest one is someone’s striking idea and its implementation. There are, undoubtedly, some artists I follow. For instance, Alex Palazzi , beeple (mike winkelmann), Juan Carlos Paz -BAKEA-, Joey Camacho, Konstatntin Kofta, James NG, Agnieszka Osipa, Krikor Jabotian, Barbara Canepa , Loish, Camilla d’Errico, Nicoletta Ceccoli , Tom Bagshaw , Oleg Dou, Oscar Delmar and others”.

How its made

„One item was made in approximately 1 minute. But before that, there are some actions to be completed. For instance, the paper needs to be properly cut, which takes a lot of time. After having prepared an item, I would prepare 36 pieces’ packages in order to count all the items in an easier way in the end. And to have them all set on the board is a whole new story. I would first check different types of glue to see which one glues the items best, because there is a great danger for the items to fall as those would be played with. But the most torturous part is to reconnect all of the glued items and to redo the whole work just because it was not possible to play with items as they were glued to close to one another. Fortunately, the change is worth it” – Nune Nineveh Khachatryan


Which one is your best seller?

„My works are not yet for sale. But the greatest demand was towards my school graduation project (paper dress + painting (butterflies)), Buik (, tea packaging ( and, of course, 3D Pano (”.

If you want to buy Nune Nineveh Khachatryan’s item….well you can’t. Better than that….you can order a custom one.

„My products are not yet for sale, but the customers can get in touch with me via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Behance to order a design for something. I am always ready to get interesting suggestions”.


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