COLOURS OF MY LIFE – interview with Anca and Cristian

„The passion for design, object, art, for everything that is alive and in motion isn’t a sudden discovery for me. It is the way I was brought up and the way I’ve formed myself along the years” – Anca


Thus said, when art calls you, you just have to be what you already are. You just furish up during your life, just like a diamond. And when you find another person to embrace your art, the road is set, you just have to walk on it.


The story

COLOURS OF MY LIFE is the vision of entrepreneurs Anca and Cristian Stefanescu, a Romanian couple who share the passion for art and object.

colours-of-my-life-anca-stefanescu-cristian-stefanescuAnca has been drawing ever since she was a child. As she sais: „I’ve been lucky, or it may have been my choice….to be born in a family with cultural passions. I had grown up with sensible people who cared about the sensibility of those around them”.

Anca’s parents saw her talent so they help her to fulfill her passion. At the age of 12 she went to N. Tonitza highschool and later on she went to the Romanian Art College. After many struggles and participations in Romanian and foreign festivals, Anca entered in advertising. She has worked as CG Artist (Computer Graphic Artist), DI Colorist (Digital Intermediate Colorist) and Graphic Designer. Somehow she felt that something was missing. She continued drawing, but just for herself. Until she met Cristian, who had consulting and business development entrepreneurial experience.

They chose to combine their passion with their love for art and opened an online store with limited artware editions, hand-made pieces, designed by Anca and using prints with Anca’s drawings and paintings: COLOURS OF MY LIFE.


COLOURS OF MY LIFE marked the beginning of an adventure in two. Two mature people that don’t want to waste their time anymore. Two passionate people that are not afraid of change, but of being changed. The inspiration for COLOURS OF MY LIFE products comes from everything that produces states and positive energy”, says Anca.

How is it made?

COLOURS OF MY LIFE products: bags, totes, pouch, wallets, belts, notebook covers, t-shirts, bracelets, iPhone cases, Samsung cases, bookmarks

Anca chose the animal and plants world because of its joy and color. It is a world of instincts: pleasure, joy, passion.  It represents a permanent life celebration. Anca also says that she usually dresses in black and faded colors, so she always needs a vivid and a good energy producer accessory.


Anca begins drawing the object. She chooses the leather, she makes the prototype, she tests the leather and the imprint on the leather. She also says she uses non toxic pigments, so the drying takes more time. She uses a very good quality leather, imported from Italy and she always test it to see if it sustains the print. It is a long and elaborate process that needs care and attention to the details of each product.


All of COLOURS OF MY LIFE’s products are limited-edition. You can buy them onlie here.

Anca and Cristian also make special events in Molecule F Concept Store in Promenada Mall in Bucharest, Romania. So, if you’re in town don’t forget to take a peek.


Also, in the future, Anca and Cristian will launch on-preorder painting collection that covers objects.


iphone-4-silicone-case-colours-of-my-life-the-song-i-hear-03 samsung-galaxy-s5-printed-clear-silicone-case-maternity-03


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