Paper gems – to color your day

cabin+fever+albanyKirsten Hassenfeld, a New York artist, has created incredibly ornate objects from mostly white paper that are far, far from ordinary.

“I learned how to work with paper when I trained in printmaking and book arts as an undergraduate and graduate student. Actually, I learned a lot from a book I had as a kid about constructing things out of paper too. As an adult, I figured out how to make the faceted gem-forms I use in my work around 2000. With my accumulated knowledge of paper, and a lot of experimentation, I discovered I could make paper tubes, very similar to old-fashioned straws. Using these, I can assemble skeletal structures with chenille stems, and then glue into each open area a separate piece of paper. I use many different kinds of paper, with varying degrees of translucency, but I use one kind of glue almost exclusively: PVA white glue (sometimes known as “Jade Glue”)” – Kirsten Hassenfeld.

The artist focuses on nature when creating an illuminating object. See more of Kirsten’s art here

5.+Blue+Horn cabin+fever blue+star+1+sm




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