Urban fairy tale wedding dresses

Boho wedding dress from Barzelai latest collection

I’ve been lucky enough to write about talented, modest and great artists on this magazine, from shoe, jewels, clothes to home decor designers, but I’ve never written about wedding dresses artist. Orit Barzelai cought my attention by designing delicate, precious dresses that seem to be out of a story book. They are also shape flattering and make you feel refined. They give a romantic silhouette and feminine scent.

Orit is the perfect example that the art calling is always there and never let’s you go until you actually become an artist. She became a fashion designer in her early 30’s. She left her job as a high tech manager and enrolled in Shenkar fashion institute.

Orit Barzelai in her working studio

„When I got married with my love one, I enjoyed designing my wedding dress so much that I’ve decided to make two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the after party. This amazing experience led me to become a bridal wear designer, wanting to make each bride special day as magical as my own was. I am so privileged to help brides in finding the dress they dreamed of for their perfect day” – Orit.

The environment she lives in naturally inspires her to design dresses that look effortlessly laid back yet chic.

Bridal chiffon cape from Barzelai latest collection

„I’ve been in Tel Aviv most of my life and I still get excited everyday by the delicate balance between old and new, the clear beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea and a city that never sleeps. I am fortunate to live in a global capital where modern emerging culture thrives. The contrast between sitting in outdoor cafes along the beach to the busy, noisy streets decorated by simple Bauhaus architecture are the main sources of inspiration when I’m drafting and sewing my seasonal women’s wear collections” – Orit.

Lace wedding dress from Barzelai latest collection

The wedding dresses are all about comfort, Orit says. „I believe that a bride should feel comfortable throughout her special day and I create flexible fit dresses for all body types while maintaining a fashion forward aesthetic”.

Orit begins by sketching and draping.  Then she crafts using fabrics such as sheer delicate mesh and chiffon, while adorning them with new or vintage lace, embroideries and beads that she finds in the local markets.

In general, most of her beautiful brides prefer a dress design with a low cut cleavage line. But for those who want a one-of-a-kind dress, Orit makes custom items.

Romantic wedding dress from Barzelai collection

„In the process of creating a custom made dress I’m very attentive to the bride special needs while maintain the general feel of my design and style”.

You can find Orit’s wedding dresses on:




Casual blue dress from Barzelai casual collection

Orit also has a casual shop with clothes as chic as her wedding dresses.

Feel free to also check this shop out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BarzelaiCasual?ref=l2-shopheader-name#


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