Industrial home decor with character and personality

icm_fullxfull.66674805_dg02vf86uog8ccss840oIndustrial interior design may be rough, but also full of character. The concept is based largely upon the space being honest with its components, from the construction to the selected furniture and items are boldly on display. For those that know how to combine home décor styles, know that accessories such as lighting may bring character and personality to a home. Recently I’ve found West Ninth Vintage online shop in USA that combines the roughness of the industrial with functionality and art. The owner, Frank Iannucci was kind enough to tell me all about his work.


“Hello friend!”

This is how Frank Iannucci starts his introduction for his online shop on Etsy. After talking to him I felt like talking to a friend that gives me advice on how to décor my house. I can surely see that he makes his lightings with passion and gives them away with friendship. I know that selling your art may be difficult since it is a part of you. Before you make it it’s in your head and in your heart, but you also like it when it is appreciated. The best appreciation you may have is when you see your art in someone’s home.

For Frank, the passions for housewares and lightnings came along after buying his third house.

„The house was built in 1900 and has so much character. Beautiful yellow pine floors, exposed brick, and original wood trim throughout. I wanted the lighting in the house to do it justice and the fixtures I was finding at major retailers felt lifeless. I designed my first light out of steel and wood and the rest is history!”

icm_fullxfull.66674863_8vouvwn7cco4w4kssw4w „Everything is hand made and curated with nothing but love.” – Frank Iannucci

The passion for lighting can be seen in the discription Frank does while speaking about his products.

„I want to make fixtures that add character to a space. I want my lights to be a talking pointrather than something that fades into the background. Lighting is often such an afterthought, but yet can change the personality of a room quicker than any other accessory.”

West Ninth Vintage lights are handmade (in the USA!) and each is unique in terms of the build process. The majority of materials they use are wood and steel. „I love the idea that each piece has its own story and no two are exactly the same.” – Frank Iannucci

icm_fullxfull.66702098_8ybu861fcpwkksosscwgIf you want to know what’s hot right know for your home, Frank’s the person to ask.

„Right now, our distressed wood chandelier is extremely popular. I think the combination of distressed wood, dark porcelain sockets and the vintage cords makes it extremely versatile. I’ve seen it used in both modern homes and rustic loft spaces.”

„The wood and steel barn pulley was one of our first pieces and is still one of my favorites. The combination of wood and steel makes a serious statement.”

il_570xN.736535357_h00iWest Ninth Vintage also makes custom pieces. You can contact them:



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