The most beautiful road on water

1-Drumul-peste-ape-de-109-km-in-ChinaTo avoid destroying a forest, authorities have built a 10.9-kilometer road linking Gufu to Zhaojunqiao in Xingshan county, Central China’s Hubei province, that completely bypasses the nearby mountain.

Two stretches of the project are two bridges, altogether 4.4km, built over two rivers.

Just the water part of the highway was about 2 million yuan (US$320,000) which was nearly half of the 4.4 million yuan ($700,000) it cost to build the entire thing.



2-Drumul-peste-ape-de-109-km-in-China 3-Drumul-peste-ape-de-109-km-in-China 4-Drumul-peste-ape-de-109-km-in-China

China also has the longest sea bridge, opened in 2011. It has 26.4 milies and could easily span the English Channel.

article-1343004-0C9B72C0000005DC-989_634x344 pb-110630-china-bridge3-da.photoblog900


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