Abstract paintings for decorating the walls

If you don’t know how to “dress up” your walls, try hanging on an abstract painting. It brings freshness to your room. Looking to buy such a painting I’ve stumbled upon an online shop: Paintings Abstract.
The owner, Ann Vierick is from the Philadelphia area. She work out of her home studio creating mostly palette-knife impasto paintings in which she applys lots of thick, rich sculptural texture and layers of color to create interest.
She has sold to many satisfied customers throughout the US, and Internationally through Etsy and Ebay during the last 5 years or so.

Ann discovered her passion for painting and artistic endeavors early on in elementary school. 

„Art was always my favorite class. My love of color and drawing inspired me to paint. Painting is a great way to explore color and it’s use for expression. My favorite painter is Matisse. I love the playfulness and simplicity of his worl”– Ann says. 

You cand find in the online store portraits, landscapes and abstract paintings. 

It takes about 1 week to make a custom painting. Customers can get in touch with her by email bablvie@verizon.net. 







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