How to….Have fun by personalizing your T-shirt

You have a great T-shirt at home, but it’s not that great to wear it again? Don’t let the dust set on it. Change it, make it a totally new T-shirt. I promise people will envy you.
Vicci from First WordBird gives us some great advise about how to personalize your T-shirt.

You will need:
100% cotton colour T-shirt bleach
plastic stencil of your design
rubber gloves
spray bottle
1. Put 50% water & 50% bleach into spray bottle
Wet  the T-shirt trough, wring out the  excess water and find a well ventilated area to work.
2. Place the stencil onto the T-shirt and scrunch fabric around outside of stencil.
3. Spray the bleach mix over the design and all over the T-shirt. The colour will start to change quickly.
When you’re happy with the effect remove the stencil and place it into a bucket with fresh water and agitate. Then fill the bucket again, this time with a half of a cup of vinegar and leave it for about 2 hours.
4. Launder as usual and enjoy your cool new T.
See more cool hand painted T-shirts at First Word Bird

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