Futurotextiles – clothes from the future

A sweater that checks your mood, lace made of strawberry roots or a dress that uses wood as textiles: the third edition of the Futurotextiles exhibition presents the intriguing alliance of textile innovation, high fashion and art.

Sesigners wish to bring nature closer to fashion by using amazing fibers such as the spider silk from Madagascar, five times stronger than steel and two times more elastic than nylon, or the Japanese ancestral fabric fujifu made from the fiber lying under the bark of the branch of the wisteria, which was notably used in designing kimonos.
   Another exhibit SF cloth is the red wine dress, made by allowing microbes to ferment and “grow” into fabric that on the surface, has an aesthetic very similar to the meat dress famously worn by Lady Gaga.
                You can also see an anti-bacterian night gown, the dress that purifies the air, or the one that shows you feelings through light.
                The exhibit travels around the world since 2009.
                For program or other details enter the site http://www.futurotextiles.com/

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